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2018 Toyota C-HR, No AWD Option

2018 Toyota C-HR, No AWD Option

Los Angeles Auto Show continues. with the Scion brand no more, Toyota glided its brand-new Scion-intended C-HR compact crossover SUV into its thought roll. . The C-HR was always intended to vend as a Toyota in other marketplaces, such as Europe. Just because the lifted coupe situation hasn’t been air-conditioned to us since Eagle was an American Motors name doesn’t convey that other kins don’t find it impossibly hip. Just request the Germans. If the Japanese want to primate some of that perceived Teutonic talk, who are we to disapprove them from making an automobile with a name that stands for Coupe High Rider?

As befits the contemporary explanation of coupe so handily rewritten by the Germans, the C-HR features four doors with a leaning roofline and parturition. It drives on Toyota’s brand-new Global Architecture (TNGA) which also underpins the current Toyota Prius, it carries a 144-hp 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-banger up front, path its 140 lb-ft of torque through a continuously changeable automatic with a manual-shift method that simulates seven forward gears. Acting Sport method rooms up those translations and adds heaviness to the electrically aided energy driving. As of now, the C-HR is front-wheel steer only, there’s no AWD option.

While Toyota goes to fantastic lengths to overstate that TNGA was adjusted at the Nürburgring, any authorized sportiness is ordinal to style, service and supports in this segment. The C-HR’s elegance features a 7.0-inch multimedia screen and a 4.2-inch multifunction display between the gauges, and on XLE versions, there’s a leather-wrapped driving wheel, energy-folding and heated out mirrors, an auto-dimming indoor mirror and dual-zone climate regulate.

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