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48 Ford COE and JCROffroad Snow Hawk

48 Ford COE and JCROffroad Snow Hawk

48 Ford COE

At SEMA, if the gigantic wheels and LED guided headlights didn’t give away this Ford cab-over-motor truck as something more than your emblematic ’48 COE, allow us to clear things up. It is a creature with a modded Cummins diesel motor, an Allison transmission, an AccuAir breezed mixture and a practice car-hauler bed supplied.

For a concept of how air-conditioned we think this regenerated COE is, we barely paid any attention to the sweet-looking practice truck it was carrying.

JCROffroad Snow Hawk

We could think of few acceptable structures for a Jeep aftermarket supplier to seize Jeepers’ attention at SEMA than a raised XJ Cherokee on tank tracks, so approvals to JCROffroad for its precipitation Hawk. The company touts the make as made for whatever, which seems inclined.

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