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Audi Q8 Crossover Concept Official Information

Audi Q8 Crossover Concept Official Information

BMW and Mercedes-Benz dominates luxury SUV Coupe segment, and Audi has just cashed in with A8 concept. Bespeaking a future Q8 that will come to marketplace in 2018, the Bombay blue crossover show automobile portrays the superior process of Audi’s actual design communication in years, with a looking mouth that makes it look like no other automobile currently made by the German brand, as well as frameless windows to give it more of a becoming four-door coupe feel.

Dimensionally, the Q8 concept is very much a Audi Q7. Sitting on a wheelbase just 0.3 inch abbreviated than that of the Q7, the four-passenger Q8 idea’s 198.0-inch general 

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