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Brabus Mercedes GLS 850 Truly Luxury

Brabus Mercedes GLS 850 Truly Luxury

In past when the ML only had a 200 horsepower engineer V6, Brabus was known primarily for its SL-Class, which was one of the swift automobiles in the world at that moment. But nowadays, you can get the same stages of energy, not performance, in a SUV car the magnitude and weight of a dwelling. We are, communicating about the GLS. This newly named thing of the Mercedes SUV cars is actually just a re-designed model of the Alabama built GL-Class.

Anyway, the brand-new Brabus case was publicized about a month ago, it just popped up on our Monaco radar, giving us an second possibility. With so many SUV cars out there, peoples aren't bumped to see the 850. But this is a 7-seat SUV car with 850 fracking horsepower. That's like a Lamborghini Huracan with 240 additional horses that can also move five more kins. So the XL in the car's name is remarkably proper.

There are many of the toys only affluent groups can spend. Brabus is still the champion in the game when it comes to having luxury indulgence with special motor engine work. For the GLS 850 XL, they acted the already robust 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 that AMG made and changed nearly everything about it. It now displaces almost six liters, has completely brand-new turbocharging and insertion and probably a bit of gold coating here and there.

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