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Cadillac CT6 And Escalade Streaming Video Facility Addons

Cadillac CT6 And Escalade Streaming Video Facility Addons

You can now capture up on the current season of House of Cards while steering in solace in the back of your Cadillac. By having existing technologies including an occupant’s smartphone, a Google Chromecast and in-automobile 4G LTE Wi-Fi, the Cadillac CT6 sedan and the Cadillac Escalade SUV car now allow for in-automobile online streaming video using apps such as Hulu, Netflix or YouTube.

The equipment will be acquainted to anyone who uses a Chromecast or Apple TV machine at residence. The 2017 CT6 sedan and Escalade SUV car both offer breed-seat entertainment surfaces with a HDMI input signal.

With the help of WiFi and plugged in Chromecast, travelers can connect a smartphone to the Wi-Fi system and use apps to stream video onto the breed surfaces and onto the front infotainment screen if the automobile is in park. In the Cadillac CT6, each 10.0-inch screen operates independently and audio can be competed through any collection of the automobile’s sound system or wireless headphones.

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