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Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley Concept

Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley Concept

If you’re the category of organism who enjoys knocking up points like nonconformists, Dungeons or Todos Santos, always adventurous then the Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Hurley idea is made for you. Uncovered at 2016 year’s SEMA show, the Seafoam Green pickup is a cooperative effort between Chevrolet and the surfing name Hurley.

Designed to get surfers to far breaks, the mid-size, four-wheel-drive Colorado Z71 Hurley idea sits high than its production spec equivalent and steers on a set of 17-inch wheels covered in a set of knobby Goodyear DuraTrac tires. A snorkel met to the right-front barrier helps the four-door pickup walk through waters that may happen to stand between a faction of swimmers and their end, while rear-mounted driving lights lighten the Colorado’s environments.

Increasing to the idea’s purpose-built nature is a roof-mounted board framework, a bed supplied mounted Thule retention receptacle, and a Bimini style supplied cover that provides semidarkness from the sun after a long day of surfing while also covering up pricelesses left in the pickup’s bed supplied.

Inside, the Colorado Z71 Hurley idea is met with rooms covered in a wetsuit-like, quick-dry worldly labelled ventiprene, which means travelers can keep their garments on upon calling it a day and steering back to society. For acceptable or worse, popping the hood reveals a mostly capital powertrain. Met with Chevy’s current 3.6-liter V-6 motor from the 2017 Colorado and an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Colorado Z71 Hurley idea attempts 308 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque from its crankshaft, having a Chevrolet Performance gas exhaust system. Although the Colorado Z71 Hurley idea is designed with surfers in cognition, the fact is that this go anywhere pickup is a provoking potential for any person looking for a rigid expedition gear.

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