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Dodge Challenger Shakedown Concept

Dodge Challenger Shakedown Concept

If ever there were evidence that Bizarro World exists, then this Dodge Shakedown Challenger at the 2016 SEMA show might just be it. Whereas the modern Dodge Challenger is a brand-new automobile made to look like an aged automobile, the Shakedown Challenger is an aged automobile made to look like a brand-new automobile.

Although the adjustment is technically a 1971 Challenger, the unit at FCA increased the headlights, taillamps and an opening from the 2017 Challenger to give the standard coupe a modern look. a practice debased front fascia, procreate lip campaigner and modern 19-inch front and 20-inch procreate wheels that asset a design with the wheels featured on the Challenger SRT Hellcat further representation the formation between aged and brand-new.

The Shakedown Challenger’s looks aren’t all that has been modified for the 21st century. As the giant Mopar 392 fender designs imply, the adjustment is induced by Dodge’s 485-hp 6.4-liter V-8. a structural hood containerful, a cold-air intake and a practice-made gas exhaust give the 392-cubic-inch motor with an additional bit of utter. Meanwhile, a six-speed manual transmission cheated from the Viper puts the pushrod motor’s horses to the procreate machines. Practice mixture elements and Brembo restraint calipers from the Hellcat ensure the adjustment’s other non-stative standards are as able as its fantastic powertrain.

Dodge didn’t leave the vintage Challenger’s unfashionable indoor full, either. The Shakedown’s regions include a modern Mopar gauge cluster, as well as a driving wheel and rooms culled from today’s Viper. The procreate rooms have been removed, too, regenerated by a container support and a roll bar, while a fuel cell compartment and its thought filler sit in the Shakedown’s stalk.

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