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Hoonicorn V2 1400 Horsepower Engine

Hoonicorn V2 1400 Horsepower Engine

The Hoonicorn RTR is arguably in the top 5 most insanely adjusted Ford Mustangs in past, but seems was not enough for Ken Block.Enter the Hoonicorn V2, which is every bit of mad as the first version, only two times more insane. The 410 ci (6.7 liters) Roush-Yates V8 can now compete with a twin-turbo equipment with methanol injection system propelled into the concoction.

If the 845 hp created by the genuine version was a bit too much for some people’s sensations, the 1,400 hp of the Hoonicorn V2 is downright excess. “We got support for a brand-new video concept using the Hoonicorn, but I needed more energy for what I needed it to do,” said Ken Block. “So, I created the concept for the broad concept of what I wanted two turbos fastening out the hood and handed that over to my auto team. They approached back with a structural route to make that happen and increased methanol to get the equipment to make the energy that I wanted. We ended up with 1,400 horsepower, so they may have over-delivered a bit”

In other speeches, it all began from knowing Block wanting a distinct look for the all-wheel-steer ’65 Mustang from hell, and that whole brand-new design brought some more 555 hp with it. Speaking of looks, the Hoonicorn V2 Mustang also has an all-brand-new livery based on the stars and stripes, thus making the car stand out even more and simply scream that it’s ‘Merican to the bone.

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