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Hyundai Concepts Lineup At 2016 SEMA

Hyundai Concepts Lineup At 2016 SEMA

What is SEMA if not a rationalize to see illogical assets of energy and over-the-top body cases enlisted to hiker traveler vehicles. Hyundai is getting into the spirit with an entertaining mindset of altered vehicles for the SEMA Show at Las Vegas. In component to the 1040-hp Santa Fe Sport crossover, it also will transport slightly less crazy models of the Elantra, the Veloster, and the three-row Santa Fe. Still to be showed is a brand-new skunkworks race concept that sounds rather provoking.

The race-ready Hyundai Elantra is a cooperation with Ark Performance, which moved, turbocharged and increased the modest tight car to create the street racer idea. It also has an ARK restraint case, Nitto summer tires, a vinyl cover for the body and a diamond-stitched indoor to ensure it won’t be mistaken for the gentle Hyundai Elantra Sport.

The Hyundai Veloster uniformed by Gurnade has an akin battleful position with its beamy body case and enormous breed campaigner. It’s also conveyed for the line, with its turbocharger, ECU music and modern coil-over mixture. It’s completed in a color labelled Magic Magenta and the indoor boasts sprinting rooms, a spin enclosure and a carbon-fiber driving wheel.

On the other extremity of the performance array is the Rockstar Santa Fe, which has a majorly elevated mixture and robust tires to give this crossover a gigantic raise in all-terrain ability. Beadlock wheels, 35-inch off-street tires, a winch and a practice roof framework circular out the collection with a nitrous-oxide injection system for good maneuver.

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