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Jaguar's Next XF Sportbrake Wagon

Jaguar's Next XF Sportbrake Wagon

Beautiful much all of the information on the Jaguar Land Rover stand at the Paris Auto Show was made by the brand-new Land Rover Discovery. But JLR did sneak in one Jaguar related commodity announcement, showing a solo illustration of a hidden prototype model XF wagon, which will open next year in some part of the world.

The XF Sportbrake is welcome proof that Jaguar hasn’t given up on wagons or as they’re labelled in the U.K. estate vehicles. When the concept of what became the F Pace SUV was first mooted several years ago, the idea was that it would effectively destroy the need for a conventional wagon in the roll, it wasn’t as if the previous generation XF Sportbrake never vended in the U.S. exactly set the world passionate by its sales.

There’s no official formation on whether the brand new Sportbrake will make it over here yet, beyond showing the image and giving an abrasive on sale day, Jaguar expressed us nothing. We’d say a North American supplying has to be a long shot. The last wagon Jaguar supplied here, the 2005–2008 X-type, found only 1602 customers. Yes, spread over four model years. That expressed, the Jaguar has were consenting to transport minority versions across the Atlantic to support it contest in some impressively tiny places with gifts such as a four-cylinder diesel engine and even a manual shell for the F-type sports vehicle.

Jaguar’s all-wheel-drive system also offers one other mocking expectation, and could create a raised all-wheel-drive model of the Sportbrake to rival the Audi Allroad and the Mercedes-Benz E-class All-Terrain wagons. They could call it the Jaguar Country Estate.

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