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Lotus Exige Sport 350 Special Edition

Lotus Exige Sport 350 Special Edition

Lotus is impressive at making superior sports vehicles and able to convince that most of those vehicles are hopeless to vend in America. Its current version Lotus Exige Sport 350 Special Edition based on the already intense Exige Sport 350, the Exige 350 Special Edition adds more joy as well as special colorant and tool.

Behind the motorist is still a 345-hp powered V-6, which in this cut has 57 fewer pounds to move and is thus able to speed this Exige to 62 mph in a 3.9 seconds, before excelling out at 170 mph. Since Lotus is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its takeover of the Hethel RAF tract in 1966, you should also know that the Exige 350 Special Edition will thigh the automaker’s Hethel experiment line in 1 minute, 29.8 seconds. That’s mostly down to the information that, at 2422 pounds, this is the light Exige to day. The increased joy comes from a rewritten front access panel cover, light carbon fiber sport rooms, light beaten alloy wheels, two-piece restraint discs, lightweight motor horses and HVAC pipes, separation of some sound isolation and the furniture of a lithium-ion battery.

The Exige 350 Special Edition will only be accessible with a six-speed manual shell, featuring a subjected gearchange mechanism with device and gathering aluminum environments for your thinking feeling. The four-piston restraint calipers are given by AP Racing, the procreate wing generates 92 pounds of downforce at 100 mph and to get the most out of those line days, Lotus’s non-stative Performance Management system

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