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Mercedes-Benz EQ Plans New EV Each Year

Mercedes-Benz EQ Plans New EV Each Year

Mercedes-Benz, with the beginning of a whole name-new sub-name labelled EQ tormented by this Generation EQ idea from the Paris auto show earlier, is acting to electric automobiles for the long pull. The open of Mercedes-Benz’s first EQ version won’t happen until arrangement year 2019, almost three years out. In the meantime, there’s much work to be done to put the name-new sub-name on the representation, not just with the electric automobiles themselves but with the apps, connectivity and the interface.

That’s where the whole EQ system comes into compete. It’s no longer the omission but the belief that everything will work in compatibility, weaponry and program, automobile and smartphone, driving and being driven, sharing and owning. Every company is communicating system nowadays so much so that there are even applicant manufacturers who are overstating about their automobile system long before they offer an automobile. Recently four automaker signed MOU to provide electric charging stations throughout Europe.

There will be abundance of EQ system to torment in component to the automobiles, we learned in a new interrogation with Mercedes VP product management and sale, Matthias Lührs. And while EQ will offer a disparate organism experience, the automobiles themselves are perceived as a natural continuation of Mercedes-Benz’s electrification strategy, as per Lührs, so the first stride toward EQ will be the beginning of plug-in-hybrid versions of every individual automobile in the Mercedes-Benz version extent by 2020.

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