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NextEV Nio EP9 Electric SuperCar

NextEV Nio EP9 Electric SuperCar

After shrinking its muscles in Formula E, NextEV is acting its knowledge to the world of roadgoing production automobiles under its name-new Nio automotive brand. The Chinese brand will merchandise a mass production car in its residence mart in 2017, however, in a strive to pull user attention, Nio is propelling things into wheel with the uncovering of this all-electric EP9 supercar.

Energy by four electric engines, the low-slung supercar has a had 1341 horsepower, which is delivered to all four wheels. At 3825 pounds, the 192.4-inch-long EP9 is a light by EV standards, weighing in some 1000 pounds less than the Tesla Model S P90D.

Unsurprisingly, NextEV claims that the EP9 is seriously fast, 124 mph from a standstill takes just 7.1 seconds, and the top speed is evaluated at approximately 194 mph. A set of four-wheel disc brakes with large, 16-inch armatures at all four corners control in that energy. All four discs, fastened by six-piston calipers, are attached behind staggered-size tires and 19 inches front wheels and 21 inches in the breed.

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