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Ringbrothers Winnebago RV

Ringbrothers Winnebago RV

So you’re finally intending that long-overdue season street journey with your family. You want to drop by all of the unbelievable points this country has to offer, and you need a car that’ll get you and your family there comfortably. But you hate the concept of right-lane cruising and watching all the other vehicles pass your large, dense, sedate RV as you steer along.

Well, Ringbrothers has a mixture for that. This is the joyful vacationer. It commenced out being as a 1972 Winnebago Brave motorhome, but for SEMA, Ringbrothers decided they would turn this recreational car into a chic cruising gagdet. Gone is the genuine motor, and in its place sits a Wegner Motorsports LS 408 powered V-8, moving out an illogical 900 horsepower. The transmission is a GM 4L80 automatic, which sends the force to a procreate extremity from a 2005 Ford F-550. This is a long route from your normal ’70s vacationer.

Ringbrothers decided it would keep the out modifications to a borderline, opting not to regenerate or repaint the body. Instead, they struck on a pair of benefactor designs, along with a tidy small clastic motorcycle. It’s an unaltered look that’s developed nicely, so it would be a feeling if they changed it too much. But the indoor is where the actual entertaining begins. Almost everything you see has been completely redone, commencing with the driver’s part. The metal is covered in a minty green colorant, and the gauges are all brand-new. There’s a glassware motor cover, so anyone strange enough can actually see the compressor thrusting out.

All of the rooms are done in leather, accompanied by an impermanent room at the procreate. There’s a vessel motor hanging off the partition and a flat-screen TV over the windshield. A pair of practice neon lights adorn the compartment, giving off a cloying, coldness air. This is a place you could disburse a lot of moment. It might not have the sleeping plannings essential for your family street journey.

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