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Sgt. Rock Dodge Power Wagon

Sgt. Rock Dodge Power Wagon

More to SEMA coverage, if we could part away the backdrops from these representations, it might be as though this raised, monster-tired 1941 Dodge half-ton troop truck were a toy. In all gravity, it looks like a miniature-scale monster truck measured up to 1:1, due to its illogical wheel-to-body-size ratio and so we tended to it like so many moths to a blaze. Its name is Sgt. Rock.

Builder Stacey David intends for Sgt. Rock to suffice as a blueprint for orderly men bent on raising and be tiring trucks of their own, but who aren’t convinced where the maximums of roadway lawfulness and drivability go beyond bearable. To that extremity, this Dodge is fully roadway court-ordered and drive-able. It also was made as a tribute to the currently in-restoration Memphis Belle B-17 World War II airplane bomber, right down to the cloying painted-on graphics, a bed-attached weapon and a shovel attached to each flank formation.

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