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Skoda VisionC Concept

Skoda VisionC Concept

The Czech brand Skoda has recently extended range in large car as Skoda Kodiaq. A mid-sized four-door coupe car might follow the current entry in the case. The Skoda has no ideas of opening a conventional coupe, because the mart for this category of body style is minor, but a four-door coupe would meet the bill for the manufacturer owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen, the important name of the German firm that owns Skoda, has successfully supplied a four-door coupe in its extent using the same platform as its mid-size version, the Passat. Skoda could follow an akin way with the great. Volkswagen’s version was labelled CC, and the name approached from solace Coupe.

The concept was to employ a disparate design on the Passat platform, which would be balanced by an enhanced indoor. The first aeon of the Passat CC, which was the name of the first aeon of the CC, used to be supplied in a four-seat design. Eventually, a three-seat procreate seat was given instead of the two-seat unit that used to be the only expectation. Skoda has always been the realistic relative of Volkswagen, with its versions supplying more area than their cognitions from the VW extent, and the brand-new commodious coupe might fasten to the same direction.

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