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Subaru Viziv-7 Concept Official Information

Subaru Viziv-7 Concept Official Information

After chopping the seven-passenger Tribeca in 2014, Subaru is preparing to re-enter the three-row, mid-size crossover SUV segment. With the Viziv-7 idea shown at Los Angeles Auto Show, the name Viziv stands for Vision For Innovation, the Japanese manufacturer provides champion look yet at what’s to come.

With 204.7 inches long and sitting on a 117.7-inch wheelbase, the Viziv-7 is some 15 inches longer than Subaru’s Outback and its wheelbase is more than nine inches bigger. The Viziv-7 also is large than most thought three-row, mid-size crossover SUVs. While the Buick Enclave, the Chevrolet Traverse, the Dodge Durango and the Ford Flex steer on longer wheelbase, the Subaru’s general length is large than all four. Additionally, the Viziv-7’s 79.9-inch width dimension and 72.0-inch height dimension (73.2 inches including the roof rails) are at top in current offering.

If the Viziv-7’s magnitudes move over to the production SUV car, Subaru’s brand-new SUV car promises to dwarf the other versions in the roll as it strives to move far beyond the incommodious Tribeca.

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