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Tesla Model S P100D Easter Egg 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds

Tesla Model S P100D Easter Egg 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds

100 milliseconds can be thought less than the normal duration of a eye blink, so 0.1s can't convey that much? Well, for example, if we're communicating about the Tesla Model S P100D grooming 0.1s off its already-stellar 0 to 60 mph race time, this is category of a gigantic deal. And we'll get to see the actual world scenario of this change next month, when the Palo Alto manufacturer is set to sphere a brand-new Easter Egg for P100D possessors.

Elon Musk dispatched the information on Tweeter, letting us know that the Model S P100D will also be able to finish the quarter-mile run in 10.6 seconds. With Tesla already labelling its range-topping sedan vehicle the fast production vehicle in the world, perceiving the Model S beating the Holy hybrid Hypercar Trinity associates to 60 should give quite a sight.

Resistance parts will also be acted by storm, with the Model S having already set a brand-new 1/4-mile record for the fast stock four-door. The Model S 1,320-feet performance has had an incredible process of evolution, while the P85 dispatched 12.3s run three years ago, the Model S P85D transported the game to 11.2 seconds in Ludcirous Mode, while the P100D now took at 10.7 seconds.

Looks like the version S P100D Easter Egg will allow it to do 0 to 60 mph in 2.4 sec and a 10.6 sec 1/4 mile via software modify next month — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 16, 2016

Model X possessors will also be interacted with a long gym software, but Musk didn't offer the full information here. Nevertheless, the performance raise could be included in Tesla's future 8.1 software modify.

Model X figures should also enhance by 0.1 sec on 0 to 60 and 1/4 mile — Elon Muskc (@elonmusk) November 16, 2016

That means the electric SUV car will compete the McLaren P1 in statuses of the 0 to 60 mph run. If your road is already decorated with a P100d...

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