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Toyota Corolla Carry On Top Selling Saga

Toyota Corolla Carry On Top Selling Saga

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Japan Toyota know little about Corolla in 1966 and never thought the Corolla would become its best-selling version. On its 50th day, the Corolla still merrymakings with more than 44 million units traded worldwide. Till date, the Corolla was traded in 150 countries or thereabout, making for a momentous part of this enormous planet we call Earth. Made in 16 plants all across the globe, Corolla production records for one in every five cars traded by the Japanese manufacturer during its 79 year history.

For all intents and goals, the Corolla was designed as the Japanese equivalent of the Volkswagen Beetle. The “people’s car” of Japan, however, became world sensation once it set feet on foreign lands. This happened for an exceptionally uncomplicated reason, responsibility and reliability. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, the Corolla had shown European and American manufacturers that a bargain priced cars can also be certain.

Currently in eleventh generation, the Corolla tale continues despite tough compeition, both in statuses of responsibility and affordability. While not as mindful or as beautiful as the Volkswagen Beetle, the Toyota Corolla is a superb instance of consumerist society done right.

With VW Beetle remained unchanged majorly till now, Toyota had continually created the Corolla into an acceptable and better machine.

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