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Toyota Xtreme Corolla Concept

Toyota Xtreme Corolla Concept

The Toyota Xtreme Corolla seems confused and is living in the past. Created in simultaneity with Jeremy Lookofsky of consortium duties, the Xtreme Corolla introduced at the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The custom Corolla looks like something from the 2006 SEMA show, an aeon when Xzibit was still providing steers on stead of MTV.

Although some of the Xtreme Corolla’s design information strike us as more wet than aesthetic, we have to declare the transition from a four-door sedan car to a two-door coupe and one sans B pillar is great. Likewise, the concept’s huge Wilwood brakes, turbocharged four-cylinder motor and six-speed manual transmission take us back to the days of Sport compact car.

Nevertheless, we’d excavation the red-tinted headlights, odd procreate wing and hood containerful. Inside, a mass of JBL stereo tool takes up the venue that previously accommodated the back seat, while a bewitching set of thin, reinforced Sparco front vessels hold the chauffeur and traveler in place.

The Xtreme Corolla seems designed for another time and like to see Toyota vend a Corolla coupe with a high-performance turbocharged engine which seems to be solely the province of aftermarket customizers.

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