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Photo by Govatinyirenda/Global For Education/CCBY-NC-ND

"Achieving inclusive and quality education will require more than simply hiring more teaching staff."

That is the statement from global education experts convened during the World Bank annual meetings to discuss how leadership development could improve global education.

That's is true but who is to develop or improve education in Africa? There is something terribly wrong in Africa which needs immediate attention but it seems the leaders don't care because they don't suffer like the ordinary man on the street. 

Among the seven continents, Africa could probably be the richest. Africa is blessed with varieties of rich mineral resources. The continent exports a different range of products, such as gold, bauxite, tin, copper, diamond, agricultural products etc, but it's very hard to understand where the state funds go.

The African government is heavily dented with administration frauds, over invoice, and massive corruption. Can they deny that? Such images of a roofless classroom is an evidence that there is a massive corruption in Africa which has affected all its infrastructure, including the education and health system. 

Africa has blamed the colonial masters for underdeveloping the continent. That's true but years after independence swept true the continent, what has African leaders achieved in the midst of all the resources the continent has, especially in the West and Southern Africa?

It's shocking to see images like that in this modern times in Africa. Many villages in Africa lack good medical care and clean water. Some children need to go long hours looking for water, common water that everyone needs to survive.

Yet, the leaders struggle for power, continuously deceiving the people to solicit for votes. As soon as they come to power all the promises become an empty boast. Thus, it's really difficult to understand African politics, especially in West, Southen, and Central part of Africa.

Lack of clean water in rural villages in Africa has caused certain diseases such as kwashiorkor, diarrhea, and skin diseases and the lack of education has generated scores of child labour, street children, and child delinquency.  

The situation in Africa is taken as an opportunity by certain foreign organizations that come to Africa pretending to help, instead, they use the children to test their drugs and inflict more diseases on them many resulting in deaths of these children.

Just imagine, during rainfall where are those children going to sit and study in a school without a roof? Above all, how can the world take Africans education serious when they see such images? It's really sad.

Chinese President Deng Xiaoping tried to develop a win-win basis in Africa

Africans have the land and the only thing Africa needs are true friends who come to share their ideas and experience with Africa. But those new ideas should be guided and developed by Africans themselves. When foreign countries really want to change Africa, then they should act as the late Chinese President Deng Xiaoping who wisely once said to President Mugabe:

Statement Of Chinese President Deng Xiaoping

“We should give Africa technological know-how, so that African governments can transform their resources on the spot and create jobs and markets for their people locally, regionally, at the continental level and internationally. 

Joel Savage 19/10/2016 · #2

#1 Thanks Pascal, glad to read your opinon or comment on this subject. I wish you have some suggestions for the African government. Because the continent is in deep crisis. Many times, I used the comments of readers to create articles. Thank you very much.

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Pascal Derrien 19/10/2016 · #1

Indeed there is a deadlock , a dead end I dont know Africa very well but from what I ve seen I would concur with your statement however I find it difficult to believe China had not ulterior motives in Africa besides business , maybe that the cynic in me and maybe that's why there is no collective POLITICAL will to help this continent besides the declaration of intent :-(