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Africa is a poor continent but the epidemic of Aids and other diseases in the continent weren't caused by poverty

Since 1981, there have been reports on about the disease Aids. It is alleged to be incurable and all those affected will ultimately die. The epidemic is said to have originated from Africa and the causing agent, the HI virus, is said to be transferred by semen and blood.

What is eye-catching is that almost exclusively persons sharing specific characteristics will be affected. During the course of time, homosexual men, intravenous drug-using persons, persons from Haiti, hemophilia patients, recipients of blood transfusions, black people from Africa, heterosexual partners of Aids patients and children born to mothers with Aids, are named as being victims of the illness.

They caught or acquired the illness, hence the name Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - AIDS. The experts could only offer irrelevant replies or even remained silent to questions as to why the illness specifically affects the above-named persons. Subsequently, queries remain unanswered. 

Why are homosexual men affected but not women?

The infection somehow got to the USA from Haiti via homosexual tourists. It furthermore affects homosexual particular, because the anal mucous membrane is more permeable for viruses than the vaginal mucous membrane of women. 

Follow up questions:

How did the virus, which originally spread from Africa, where both men and women were equally affected, end up only in homosexual men in Haiti and from there spread exclusively to homosexual men in the USA and Western Europe?
Why are only men affected by anal intercourse as opposed to women, despite the fact that anal intercourse is practiced more on women than men? Why is it that the male prostitutes in Sri Lanka and Bangkok not infected?

Why are iv. d. u. persons infected only in the USA and Western Europe over several kilometers but not in Hongkong? Why is HIV only transmitted in her