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Ebola victim being carried away by health workers in West Africa

The total failure of African leaders to demand answers from America about the Aids and Ebola bio-weapons against the continent shows the incompetence of African leaders

Good day! It's an honor to present this speech to people worldwide conscious about their well-being and health, including Africans, African-Americans, and Africans in the Diaspora.

We (Holland scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen and Ghanaian-Belgian freelance journalist and author, Joel Savage) would like to speak about the Aids and Ebola medical crimes, used as bio-weapons by the US government against a particular race (Africans or black people) with the intention to depopulate the continent, fortunately, or unfortunately, the disease has engulfed the whole world.

Europeans bring African-leaders to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Holland, claiming that have committed a grave crime against humanity in Africa, so they deserve punishment. They brought in Charles Taylor of Liberia and also Hisséne Habré of Chad. Both of them are behind bars. 

They want us to applaud and recognize them as people who love Africans but the same people secretly inflicted Aids and Ebola on innocent Africans to depopulate the continent but enjoying impunity. Stinking hypocrites white-collar criminals. 
It's sad to note that many people till now due to lack of reading or education, think Aids and Ebola are cursed from God. If God has to curse countries which have violated human rights and committed horrible crimes against humanity, then Europe and America will never escape that curse by God. 

Because all the woes of Africa were caused by them. It's not in any history that Africa sold Americans or Europeans into slavery. It's not in history that during the Apartheid era South Africans separated themselves from whites and forced the whites to form a separate queue at the post offices.

Blackeye, black as a devil, black night (disaster), to mention but a few, were words brought into the dictionary by the white man as derogatory against the black man. Unfortunately, they have been inspired to commit serious crimes against Africa through slavery, Apartheid, brutalities of colonialism and finally medical crimes, such as Aids, Lassa fever, and Ebola. 

Africa for decades is being used as a dumping ground for all unwanted stuff, including radioactive waste from Western Europe or the United States of