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Dr. Jeff Bradstreet: Murdered by the US medical Mafia for opposing dangerous autism-vaccine

Now It’s Proven: Dr. Bradstreet Was Murdered, But by Whom?

The following well-written article by Michael E. Miller, published by the Washington Post, is a classic study in social engineering using defamatory propaganda published to disparage the recently deceased Dr. Jeff Bradstreet on behalf of the Post‘s leading advertisers–Big Pharma–that has historically played key roles in aiding-and-abetting genocidemandatory vaccinations, and anti-trust violations in medicine while defrauding consumers and depriving people of their rights, informed consent, and even religious freedoms.

Miller’s prose evidences a pattern of bias and commercial malice, punctuated by adjectives abused to discredit every aspect of the heroic Dr. Bradstreet’s academic dedication, published science, and clinical success stories.

The Hegelian Dialectic Used in Counter-Intelligence

To see the forest of reality through the trees of counter-intelligence propaganda, you need to first understand the general persuasion technique called the “Hegelian Dialectic” that the “news media” applies in circumstances such as this. 

When protection against threatened revolution is needed; when a defense against heroes, like Dr. Bradstreet, are required to squelch voices loud enough to “make a difference” in health science and clinical practice; and when alternative views of life and health endanger the petrochemical status quo, behavioral science is applied to media spin, to news “programming,” to shape minds, beliefs, attitudes, and political actions to the detriment of truth and reason in medicine and civilization.

The Hegelian Dialectic applies a “thesis,” followed by its “antithesis,” yielding “synthesis.” In this case, the Post‘s “thesis” is that Dr. Bradstreet was a quack; the antithesis is that Bradstreet was a hero in the world of autism and “alternative medicine.” The social engineering outcome is called “synthesis”–mass confusion about the safety and efficacy of lower cost less risky approaches to healthcare, and diversion from the underlying medical monopoly and commercial conspiracy.

This is how Big Pharma’s “protection racketeering” is administered; whereby opposition to “slash, burn, and poison medicine” is squelched by defaming parties threatening the drug cartel. The media, by omissions and misrepresentations, commits consumer fraud in this way. Media spins effectively influence and engineer society to accept deadly doctrines, and indoctrinate generations into a “health science cult.”

That cult argues that anything other than what the “gods of science” espouse from corporate-controlled institutions of “higher learning” is “pseudoscience” and “dangerous.”

“The ‘smoking gun’ in this case is the FDA’s armed intrusion into Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic only days before his death–a clear and convincing assault against the doctor’s health freedom and professional reputation in retaliation for Dr. Bradstreet’s well-founded opposition to the vaccine industry’s liability for creating generations of brain damaged victims.”

Fraudulent Concealment of Evidence of Assassination in the Post‘s Spin

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