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From left to right: Willem Tijssen (founder:EBOLA ATTACK TEAM), Dr. Peter George (middle) and head nurse Morlay Bangura (right)

If Aids wasn't strong enough to kill Africans quickly, then Ebola will do the job.

When Ebola struck West Africa, the response to save Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea was very slow. While 10,000 infected people were dying, Europe has closed its borders and Obama sent a battalion of US soldiers to the afflicted countries instead of medical doctors.

The administration of Obama sent US soldiers to the Ebola stricken West Africa, a reason many wouldn't know but not scientists, including Holland scientist, Johan Van Dongen. Since Ebola is a bio-weapon created by US military scientists as a war biological defense weapon, thus; the military are the right people to handle this deadly bio-weapon explosion in West Africa.

If Aids wasn't strong enough to kill Africans quickly, then Ebola will do the job. Obama has made history as the first black president in America's political history but it's sad that as a president of African origin, he failed to tell the world, including Africa that both Aids and Ebola were biological weapons against his continent of origin by America because as president, whether black or white, his duty is to protect and defend America.  

Ebola Attack Team in Sierra Leone

During the epidemic few private organizations put the fear behind them and entered into the afflicted countries in West Africa. Among them were 'The Ebola Attack Team' headed by Willem Tijssen of Concordia Medical Berchsenhoek in The Netherlands.

Willen Tijsssen as sponsor and one of the drivers behind the Ebola Attack Team, Concordia Medical arranged and launched clinical trials for testing existing and approved medications for alternative use against the Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone. 

Based on the excellent results, the treated Ebola patients recovered and survived evidently, they have developed a balanced cure for EBOV prevention and treatment. Based on the results, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) officially approved the medications provided by Concordia Medical for compassionate use against EBOV. 

In 2015, they delivered Ebola Aftercare medicines to the Government of Sierra Leone for the treatment of the 4.050 survivors. As a private enterprise, Concordia Medical stated to be proud to contribute to the fight of this dangerous and frightening disease.

The Ebola Attack Team was formed in 2014, by Mr. Willem Tijssen, managing director of Concordia Medical in Freetown Sierra Leone. Backed up and supported by several international specialists, scientists and medical doctors, Concordia Medical was able to test three different excising and EMA regulated medications in different combinations to cure EBOV. 

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