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Does Trump point to the direction of Africa? Well, time will tell if I will be there 

African politics is never taken seriously by the West and America because of chronic corruption and incompetence. With such an enormous mineral resources, the world expects Africa to be a great continent politically and economically but the leaders have failed the continent.

From colonial era till the time independence swept through Africa, the leaders still depend on Europe and America, a situation which many often asked if Africa worth to fight for independence. The African leaders beg for food and loan from overseas and astonishingly, the money which is given to countries often passed wrong places unnoticed.

When will Trump Visit Africa?

Since Trump assumed office, he has talked on many issues but limited his talks or future plans on Africa. Africa came to the news when he banned Somalia, Sudan, and Libya to enter America. According to Trump, those countries are dangerous. 

Trump knew that the previous American governments did many mistakes. He wants to protect America over the killing of Gaddafi, moreover, America is a threat to terrorists globally, including Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, and Syria. Why Iraq? 

The liar George Bush invaded the country with Tony Blair of Britain and killed the Iraqi citizens, including Saddam Hussein without any weapons of mass destruction. 

Donald Trump knows