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A court in Belgium sentenced two nuns to 12 and 15 years in prison for their part in the Rwanda genocide but Belgium is responsible for the death of thousands of Hutus and Tutsis in the country

For a very long time many world leaders, especially in Third World Countries wonder why the International Criminal Court exists in The Hague because they punish leaders that break the law in Third World Countries and allow non-Third World Countries that break the law to enjoy with impunity.

The hypocrisy is too much around the discussing table that it has now overflowed its banks. George Bush and Tony Blair shouldn't enjoy freedom today after invading Iraq, destroyed the country, killed the Iraqis, under the lies that Saddam Hussein had large amount of weapons of mass destruction.

The Rwandan genocide was the work of Belgium, resulting in the death of thousands of Hutus and Tutsis, yet there was no Belgian jailed for the mass slaughter of the Rwanda people, rather a court in Belgium sentenced two nuns to 12 and 15 years in prison for their part in the Rwanda genocide. 

Both Charles Taylor of Liberia and Hissene Habré of Chad were brought to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. They were jailed for committing crimes against humanity in Liberia and Chad but those responsible for the bio-weapons Aids and Ebola which have killed thousands of people are enjoying impunity today.

Years after United Nations denied that they had nothing to do with the cholera epidemic in Haiti during the time the country needed the help, the United Nations finally confessed of playing a role in the cholera epidemic in that killed thousands and infected almost 800,000 in the country.
Like the Aids and Ebola, this is a medical crime that should lead to the closure of United Nations offices throughout America and those responsible to face charges at the International Criminal Court but the ICC did nothing because those responsible are criminals from 'Superpower' country. Who are the ICC fooling when it comes to criminal charges of wrong doers? Why do they pick on African leaders alone?

Many African leaders and those who cared about genuine law and equal rights for humanity were surprised to hear that during his swearing in speech on Thursday, President Museveni derided the International Criminal Court as a useless institution. 

“The ICC is none of our business… That’s a useless body. Initially we thought they were serious but they are a bunch of useless people,” he said, triggering a smile and clap of approval from Sudan president Omar al-Bashir, who has been indicted by the ICC for war crimes in Darfur.

“We view President Museveni’s comments were mocking the victims of genocide and seeking accountability – we view that that was appropriate for us to speak out,” the director of press office at the State Department, Ms Elizabeth Trudeau, said during a media briefing in Washington on Thursday.

Immediately after introducing President Omar al-Bashir, during Thursday’s swearing in, Mr Museveni described the ICC as “a bunch of useless people’, comments that prompted representatives of the US government and the European Union at the ceremony to walk out and have since described Mr Museveni’s remarks as disparaging.
“We believe that walking out in protest is an appropriate reaction to a head of state mocking efforts to ensure accountability for victims of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Ms Trudeau said.

Being a signatory to the Rome Statute 2002 that set up the ICC, Uganda was expected to arrest President Omar al-Bashir and hand him over to The Hague-based court which issued an arrest warrant against him accusing him of masterminding genocide and other atrocities in his campaign to crush a revolt in Sudan’s western Darfur region.
The arrest warrants were issued in 2009 and 2010. However, according to President Museveni, who until recently had been a proponent of the ICC, to the extent of calling it up to try LRA leader Joseph Kony and his commanders, “the ICC is none of our business.”

Sitting on his right side at the swearing in was President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, another African leader who defied the ICC when he refused to arrest Mr Bashir when he visited South Africa for an African Union Summit in Sandton last year.

President Museveni’s stand against ICC started coming out around 2007 when the court indicted Kenya’s President and Deputy President for trial, reasoning that the court was designed by imperialists to pursue African leaders.

The hypocrisy 

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Joel Savage 26/11/2016 · #2

#1 I have really learned something significant from this comment Robert. i have to find who is Morell to write more about his love for humanity. Thank you.

Robert Cormack 26/11/2016 · #1

Thanks for this @Joel Savage. Museveni's statements are true—and not only pertain to war crime tribunals. The UN has consistently allowed countries like the United States and Britain to act with impunity. Unfortunately, this isn't new and actually precedes the UN officially. During the reign of King Leopold of Belgium, atrocities in the Belgian Congo matched the genocides of Russia and Cambodia. A Brit by the name of Morell spent his life trying to open the world's eyes to this genocide, attracting hundreds of learned individuals who raised their voices as well (including Mark Twain).