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Climate Change. The Futile Pursuit Of Tackling The Unknown.

I am currently in London and this weekend there will be a march to the houses of parliament by perhaps thousands of concerned citizens demanding action on climate change. I suspect that not many of them are aware that there is not much of a government to speak of after the disastrous Brexit vote!!

Given my propensity for writing tongue in cheek pieces on everyday life there is no doubt that this post will ruffle a feather or a bee’s wing or two but is that not what these posts are for? Me a climate septic? I in truth am not sure.

Climate Change. The Futile Pursuit Of Tackling The Unknown.

Politicians huff, puff and pontificate about the need to do something about climate change throwing statistics about like confetti, which the media then takes it upon itself to embellish.

Climate computer modeling can vary by up to 400% in 'guessing' future trends. There is no one who can predict the state of the world in 100 years from now. We can only guess, but even an informed guess is still a guess.

Michael Crichton in his book State of Fear said, " I suspect that part of the observed surface warming will ultimately be attributed to human activity and this will come from land use and the atmospheric component will be minor. There are many reasons to shift away from fossil fuels and we will do so in the next century without legislation, financial incentives or the protestations of fear mongers. Horse transport was never banned in the early 20th century, we simply moved on eliminating the threat that cities would be buried under mountains of horse manure!"

I suspect that the people living on this planet in 2100 will be richer than we are, consume more energy, have a smaller global population and enjoy more wildernesses than we have today. I don't think we have to worry about them. I have more respect for people who change their views after acquiring new information than those who cling to views they held thirty years ago. The world changes, ideologues and zealots do not."

Nothing is more inherently political than our shared physical environment, and nothing is more ill served by allegiance to a single political party. One faction according to its own economic or aesthetic preferences cannot manage the environment we share. Sooner or later, the opposing faction will take power, and previous policies will be reversed. Stable management of the environment requires recognition that all preferences have their place. These are often at odds, and their incompatible goals cannot be avoided. However resolving incompatible goals is a true function of politics.

I live in hope.

To harness climate or indeed, trying to change it is a daunting prospect no matter how we approach it. Our feeble attempts, and they will always will be feeble, are simply no match for what the earth has planned for us.

We continuously bleat on about climate change. Every three years or so 'significant' conferences are held where no one agrees and lame treaties are invented and signed. This is no more than a photo opportunity for politicians and world leaders alike who bask in the glow that they have contributed something meaningful, when in fact what have we have achieved? In essence not very much at all really.

Consider this.

For the last seven hundred thousand years, our planet has been in a geological ice age. Ice covers the planet every one hundred thousand years with smaller advances every twenty thousand years. Why? No one is sure.

The last advance was twenty thousand years ago so perhaps we are due for the next one. The planet is still incredibly active. There are over 1500 volcanoes on earth, 500 of them extremely active along the ring of fire, with an eruption on average every two weeks.

Earthquakes are continuous: one and a half million a year; a moderate Richter 5 quake every five hours, a larger earthquake every ten days. Tsunamis race across the Pacific on average every three months. . Our atmosphere is as violent as the land beneath it. At any given moment there are one thousand electrical storms across the planet. Eleven lightning bolts strike the ground every second, Tornados tears across the surface every six hours. And every four hours a giant cyclonic storm, hundreds of miles in diameter, spins over the ocean and creates havoc on land.

We as a species can but do one thing.... run and hide. However we still harbor the belief that we can stabilize this atmosphere. That is arrogance beyond belief, endorsed by bloated governments who tax polluters and issue dire warnings on rapid climate change yet, in reality their rhetoric is based on countless theories put forward by scientists who often or not have their own agendas.* They, nor anyone else can control climate or indeed stabilize it. To think so is seriously misguided even though the media tells us a different story.

The reality is, all we can do is run from the storms.

Global Warming. The truth behind the myth. Michael parsons

* After The Ice Age. E.C.Pielou

* The Satanic Gasses. Clearing the Air About Global Warming. Patrick J. Michaels.


Paul v Walters is an international best selling author and when not cocooned in sloth and procrastination also scribbles for several international travel and vox pop journals. His latest novel "Scimitar" was released in late 2016.

Gordon Pye 12/3/2017 · #17

#16 RIP Colin Wiseman one of my best Friends & Mentors !

As one of the villages most loved and respected members we salute Colin Wiseman with this snapshot of his life.

Converting Canadian dollars to sterling back in 1926 took a bit of time. The quickest way for the young Colin Wiseman and his mother Jane to get to the bank in Clitheroe was to walk from their home in Twiston to Rimington or Chatburn railway station. It was a job that had to be done, for Colin’s father, Dick, had left the family home in 1909, the year when Colin was born, to work as a mining electrician in Canada. Living in one of the company’s mining huts, he regularly sent money home.


A former churchwarden and sidesman at Christ Church, Colin is there every Sunday, practising the faith which has meant so much to him throughout his life. “Without God I would be lost,” says Colin. Colin prefers the old Book of Common Prayer but is happy to join in at a lively family service. As president of the Chatburn branch of the British Legion and a lifelong member of the Burma Star Association, Colin is well known in the community. His sharp memory enables him to answer most questions about Chatburn past and present.

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John White, MBA 12/3/2017 · #16

@Paul Walters: This is a great post! I love it when the great ones get resurfaced. In regards to the post that was removed, while I'm not familiar with the specifics in the article in question, I can tell you that if was indeed removed it was a result of complaints by readers. Just like all other blogging sites, Wordpress also has a way for members to report offensive content. So, no, beBee is not burning any books. We are simply doing our best to make beBee a safe place for our members and free of abusive trolls and offensive content. (Again, I didn't read the post in question. So, I can only assume that is what took place regarding the post in question here)

Ken Boddie 12/3/2017 · #15

Missed this one the first time round, Paul, but the subject still hangs around like a bad smell. The old H2S just doesn't dissipate. I am, however, slowly coming round to believing that we are addressing the wrong issue here. We should be looking at the effects of population explosion on our planet and the associated need to access and share food and drinking water. If you have a look at what Dick Smith has to say on this subject then you'll see what I mean:
Perhaps we're all to busy looking out the windows to see the elephant in the room?

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Paul Walters 12/3/2017 · #14

@Dean Owen Oh I read down the comment thread and noticed @Gordon Pyes comment so I guess thats it !

Paul Walters 12/3/2017 · #13

#12 @Dean Owen @John White, MBA removed the article ???? And replaced it with what?

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#10 Not sure what happened here but I wouldn't call beBee book burners. Sounds like someone might have reported your article, and the system as is, removes the article. @John White, MBA?

Lisa Gallagher 14/2/2017 · #11

Ah and older post that resurfaced. Well I'm a bit dated on this now! I agree, Politicians do pontificate. Like you, I'm not a partisan. I think we all need to read what real Scientists put out and be responsible citizens. As for many things that happen on this planet, they are out of our control. If I were to do all the upgrades to my home to make it green, I'd be in the poor house. I'm not saying that changes people are making don't help to save energy as one example but I can't afford to make all the changes. People need to remember with everything that is sold as clean, green and energy saving- well others are profiting from the same. I say, follow your gut and do what feels best for you as long as it isn't hurting anyone else.

Gordon Pye 14/2/2017 · #10

I was going to go to attend my oldest best friend's funeral later but I've decided not to go to write this, I was going to use the 1607 Eye Witness Account, but that stops short before the nastier bits, and soon it will happen again, and that's' why they called it Maunder Minimum !

And Bebee have removed the next Article I wrote about NHS Mental health misdiagnosed Teenage Sex Slave Hire , so they are Book Burners and therefore I am going back to WordPress forevermore, unless its reinstated, the main point was about a young girl dumped in Landfill Site along with alleged recycled plastic and toxic print waste resurected from the dead !