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Why do doctors often marry doctors?

Why do doctors often marry doctors?

Hello friends, My name is Husen Amaliyawala

How good it is that doctors mostly marry doctors… !!

In our country India, doctor is considered as an honorable person .. Medical profession is a responsible profession .. We have seen with our own eyes that doctors work day and night to make and save tens of millions of lives ..

And in it, if the doctor is the husband and wife, then there is warmth in each other in their own hospital, clinic.

I know many such doctors in Vadodara who have successfully run a hospital as husband and wife and have also been successful in worldly life.

Most of the time male doctors marry female doctors so that they can understand each other better because they both know how much struggle it takes to get a prestigious position like a doctor .. !!

So since their children are also brought up in this environment and the parents are also beginning to focus on science and take the medical line, it also brings the children in the business of medicine. But hard work and dedication is required. Become a hardworking doctor without a boy. The boy from the lawyer becomes a lawyer… !! Nothing is found without manhoodWhy do doctors often marry doctors? Thanks to the questioner 🙏 

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