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The first (and maybe only) core principle for success...

I will have to say blog writing has become a little more difficult of late — the reasons when I look in the mirror seem to revolve around my inability to come up with a topic, sensing I have said it all before, being too busy (a lame excuse to be sure), possibly a lack of imagination on my part to expand out of my current way of thinking, or maybe the weather; all valid in my mind to varying degrees.

The first (and maybe only) core principle for success...Maybe there’s a natural life expectancy for writing 500 work blogs around whatever I have some sort of opinion on — what I’m experiencing could simply be the natural order of things. However, maybe it’s possible that after writing blogs for such a long time I’ve naturally boiled everything down to what is most important — the key principles for whatever I think I know. And in that, naturally limited myself.

In effect through my blogging, I’ve identified what is at the core for increasing your chances for success, and now I have nothing else to say.

How you define success is your business, but it’s probably best to define it as achieving your goals. I suppose i could have titled this “The first (and maybe only) core principle for reaching your goal…” but frankly the word success offers more food for a person’s imagination (and interest).

As I reflect on past blogs, such as “A man who carries a cat by the tail…” and “The most effective way to do it, is do it”, I’ve come to the realization that I’ve incorporated many pithy sayings on the topic of action into my blogs over the years.

               “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person. Your behaviour does”

                                                    “Talk is cheap”

                                 “SSFFS” (Sell Something For Fuck Sake)

                                                        Et Certera

It seems, in one form or another (and I’ve started to tire of saying it), my perspectives revolve around the importance of taking action and doing something — by taking action you will progress, expand your knowledge, experience, and if you’ve linked your actions to your goal there’s a very high likelihood you’ll be successful. Don’t dream about it, don’t think about it, don’t eventually get to it, don’t wish it, and don’t talk about it. Action is everything, and based on all my blogs, it seems to be the only thing.

The first core principle for success — take action and do something that is aligned with your goal(s).

This has been a core theme over the years, and now there’s a realization that it’s either very, very important or maybe there truly is a lack of imagination on my part to expand out of my current way of thinking.

Either way, I did write a blog and I now have something important to think about.


John Rylance Nov 28, 2019 · #3

I always find a bit of roughage helps to remedy a blog blockage. Now there's an idea the importance of diet in the blogging process. 

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Kevin Baker Nov 28, 2019 · #2

What was the original reason for blogging? Not the results , the motivation for intention. Sometimes I find it rejuvenating to step out of my character to see more clearly my self image. I have found the harder I push towards the world, the more it pushes back. Live as if your dreams are here already. It's a reverse thinking, drag your dreams to you, don't push them forward. When I am cooking I used to put spices on after , I had no patience, now I add them early, one at a time slowly and even I enjoy what I create sometimes. Write about anything else, does not matter. Stop looking in the mirror, look outside your self, watch the wild animals, the highly successful ones, have a varied diet they can switch to as required.

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Lyon Brave Nov 28, 2019 · #1

you got to find your niche and blogging, which sounds like a catchy phrase, but is really a life journey.