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Are you still stuck in the past of Social Media?

One of the most over used phrases we see and hear every day is "Social Media" - why are we still so obessed with the past?

If you really look at what the majority of normal people think about "Media" - the common answer is that it is the Television, Radio, Magazines or Newspapers. Yet they all have one thing in common - they are one dimensional!

These four mediums are broadcasting a message which creates a debate with these people and their friends but on interaction or engagement - that's where Social Media arrived when we started to broadcast on-line....

Are you still stuck in the past of Social Media?

Now we have come full circle back to the times before television and radio and started to communicate again but with a much bigger and wider audience…

This is nothing new, as many years ago, back then, all this communication and engagement was talking over the garden fence, in the street or in the local pub or working men’s club, often created by something that had happened, you’d heard or read in a paper.

Around the mid to late 1990’s, the next evolution arrived with on-line bulletin boards and websites where companies or news organisations just posted articles for people to read or comment on. If the website had a comment facility, people would comment there or you would comment on the article via a link that had been placed on a message board/community. Then, you’d go back to check updates on this or not, as this was when we just had dial-up facilities before the arrival of permanent on-line connectivity with DSL or Mobile Data connections. So, Media was starting to become a wider social tool and hence the arrival of Social Media.

So, today, instead of talking about the topic ‘face to face’ – we are talking to strangers about this through our desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones all across the world any time of day, due to the power of Social via a number of numerous Digital Platforms like Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, PinterestTwitter, etc, etc.

Thus, we have gone beyond broadcasting as media medium and entered into a world of communication and engagement but what is this?

This world is all been brought about by something that has in the majority come from a world of business. Whether it is something a company has posted on line, topics written on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter by individuals or company’s, has been broadcast on television, said on the radio or printed in a newspaper/magazine.

With today’s Social facilities of engagement with these company’s on-line and they then have the opportunity to reply and engage with their audience to make sure their business is protected in a good light or be seen to be a caring company….

So, this world is all focused around the business whether it is the business platform being used or the business posting/engaging, and thus, we are in a world of Social Business not Social Media!

This world of Social Business is encompassing the likes of Social Advocacy, Social Collaboration, Social Community’s, Social Diversity, Social Engagement, Social Relationship’s, Social Selling, Social Telling – the “Social Avenues” are stemming from the world of “Social”……is this the old saying of ……

Hub and Spoke strategy planning?

Moving forward you need to make sure you are on the track of Social Business that emerged in 2012 and really came to light in 2014; and then enhanced by Content within 2015 and now with Video this year. Next year, we are most likely to see the extent of Bot’s arriving to further enhance the engagement factor which further cements why you need to make sure that you are using Social Business as the key foundation of creating that Social Community with your audience.

You may want to stick to using the term of ‘Social Media’ but remember when you sit back and look at all the aspects you are looking at and using, these are the elements of the world of Social Business…..

Make sure you are on the right track using the tools of #NewWayToEngage and #NewWayToWork combined with the world of ……..

Social Business

If you would like to discover how to bring the #NewWayToEngage and #NewWayToWork into your business strategy or create a Social Strategy for your company via the aspects that The Social Family, then please do get in touch via www.IanCalvert.tel where all my contact details are located or alternatively, connect with on LinkedIn.