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Step away and discover the real world......

Step away and discover the real world......

Over last eight months, people have been asking me where I am/what has happened as they had noticed my blogging virtually disappeared and my presence across all my Social platforms reduce substantially.....and on reflection, it's something I would seriously get you to consider too......

When we are wrapped in the bubble of Digital, Social and Technology, we all tend to fall in to the same old trap - we start to live in that eco-system/those silos and tend to (more by accident rather than anything else) remove ourselves from the lives we had before. Being stuck in that "Bubble" we have a blinkered vision created by communicating and reading/watching items all from our "Peers" with that section and that where the danger creeps in.....

Stepping away allowed to me make several observations which actually whilst I thought would show me a few things but boy, was I wrong.....

What I noticed was.......

- how much everyone was virtually telling the same things/stories

- recycling content from years ago which then others told over again as new content

- how everyone was praising the poster/writer and saying great they were for sharing this

- no-one actually noticing that they were praising one person and then praising another who had shared the same thing

- how they all kept themselves within a closed group without allowing the every day businesses to get involved

- not actually being prepared to listen to the fact they are talking big things which weren't suitable for the self-employed or micro/small business community because it mentioned things they would never of heard of

- focused actually providing solutions that are applicable to large business/corporates and then telling everyone they should do this when it doesn't relate to the self-employed or the small business community

So, effectively it was all loads of back slapping and was just aimed at fellow marketing people, thus, talking about things that had no relation to the majority of the business world because it was too high level and not cost effective.

The whole "bubble" need to understand that they need to change as the audience they are catering for is shrinking and in turn, the companies they are trying to educate on these topics are losing out because they are not in touch with their end users/potential clients!

Are we all falling in to the trap of becoming tribe members to certain Digital, Social and Tech experts/guru's/influencers/speakers who want us to invest in their courses etc where they make money from us - which is then not really applicable/relevant to our prospective clients and clients?
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What I have noticed is no matter how much (other) media coverage some my fellow writers get, they don't seem to "make it" as "internet famous". I am really interested in this phenomena, some might say obsessed about writing and researching fame, but it seems to be the only thing people want from their lives these days. It's sad how we live in this bubble (me too, me too!) and forget the scents of flowers and the actual newspapers from time to time. We rarely do have anything of our own anymore at least online but by recycling what others say and like has become the new perception of me, myself and my life. The younger the people involved in this, the sadder it gets. Thanks for the heads up with your post, it was worth a read!

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Indeed, you were missed @Ian Calvert 😊