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A stillness in the eye of eternity

A stillness in the eye of eternity

This buzz represents an eclectic mosaic of several of my previous articles. I have been inspired to reproduce this piece as a result of the insightful and thought-provoking articles and comments by the likes of @Ali Anani  @CityVP Manjit @Sara Jacobovici @Harvey Lloyd and others.

The stream of human knowledge is heading toward a non-physical reality. The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.  - Sir James Jeans

The inescapable truth is that we and all other physical entities, span the physical-energy divide. In this way we are all connected and have been, since the beginning of time. And as we evolve and develop ourselves, we are contributing to the evolving, connected, energy collective and at the same time are influenced by its eternal flux. We are, each one of us, unique co-creators and at the same time, holograms of all that is. We and our entire collective environment are manifestations of the zeitgeist of the moment!

In absolute terms therefore, we individually control very little of our environments and indeed, our lives. Most of our choices are determined by our unique individual history, our nature-nurture heritage. This incorporates the people, the places and the social dynamics of our formative beginnings. Thereafter we engage with people, places and circumstances, perceived through our subjective world view and exercise our choices, again determined by our subjectivity. From the experiences derived from these engagements we fine-tune our subjective world view. However the powerful influences of heritage still prevail, albeit minimally dampened. The whole process therefore conforms very much to Lorenz Chaos Theory: The life narrative is determined very much by its historical starting point but the final outcome is modified by the multiple influences that occur along the life path.

We also live in a psycho-social collective in which there are multiple inputs from many other subjective beings. Everyone gives voice and action to their subjective needs which reflect their individual origins in time and space. And so we encounter a pivotal mediator and dampener of our subjective needs prerogative – we all need to co-operate and conform to ensure that the viability of the system prevails in terms of appeasing the needs of the collective. If we were to apply the best of Complexity Theory to this dynamic, we would ring-fence central ‘sacred’ rules such as respect for life and property and allow the system to self-regulate. But that applies to an ideal world. We don’t live in that space.

Our collective is subject to the interference by others. In summary these influencers include regulating governments, individuals and organizations with material resources and the popular media which invariably become the mouthpiece of the resource-based organizations. In this way, the freedom of the collective to self-regulate is significantly compromised. But more importantly, the subjective world view of the individual members is influenced by the media who often disseminate partial truths or untruths and thereby manipulate an entire belief system.

The challenge for each one of us is to be able to transcend this common, collective homogenate of functioning mediocrity as well as our personal heritage constraints (limiting beliefs) and contribute our unique co-creativeness.

Our right hemisphere-based sensitivity, emotional integration and creativity are essentially cues which prompt and guide us through the convoluted path of life. Much of our emotions reflect the hunger for reward and gratification and the fear of losing it. If on the other hand we respond to the emotional prompts with reflection and reasoning, we achieve clarity. This evolving clarity and associated awareness of ourselves and the environment at large incorporates a comprehensive integration of people, life situations and all the other elements which comprise the extended environment. It also necessarily incorporates an appreciation of the life cycle of all things together with logical philosophies relevant to the dynamic. The hunger for reward and gratification as well as the fear of loss is subsequently diminished as we embrace a greater context.

The appropriate language required for this endeavour is dialogue. Dialogue was defined comprehensively by theoretical physicist David Bohm, as a non-judgemental communication incorporating sensitivity to the point of ‘being the other’. Only then do we formulate an opinion and make our judgement which now more authentically portrays the landscape. This is the opposite of counter-productive judgementalism which is censorius, condemnatory and disparaging.

Once clarity is achieved we inherit calmness. Calmness evolves from a respectful engagement with the environment which has incorporated sensitivity to other individuals, together with a value contribution (making something better than it was before you engaged with it) to other’s as well as to the extended environment. It also feeds on evolving clarity and ongoing awareness.

Well, there’s enough reason to pause regularly, find a quiet spot, clear the toxic thoughts from your mind, enhance awareness, become more sensitive, gain clarity and calmness and I would, in addition, throw in a generous helping of gratitude. Then rise with courage and contribute the value of your unique co-creativity.  And if indeed your subjective perception of yourself and the greater environment is synchronous with the zeitgeist, your contribution will be supported and gain increasing traction in accordance with Victor Hugo’s dictum: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

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I would truly love to reach more people as what I have discovered really works to heal our limitations. I will write a post soon about the amazing discoverirs one client is currently making. #25

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Ian Weinberg Apr 8, 2017 · #25

#23 Thanks for sharing your personal narrative @Deb🐝 Lange You represent a very small minority that have achieved insight and awareness of our tarnished human condition from challenging life experiences. But derived from your insight, awareness and courage you have transcended the limiting and destructive emotions to become a great value contributor to many others. Best of wishes.

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@Ian Weinberg you also mention the work of David Bohm, one of the many people I deeply respect. The embodied experience of sitting in a circle and dialoguing with a group of people taps into our whole intelligence beyond words and thoughts. It is a visceral experience, and the many pauses built into the dialogue process give the space for creative ideas to emerge. I wish their were more people willing to have deep conversations in this kind of space.

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2) Whilst my generation, my brother and sister and me were not physically violent, we had all internalised violence against ourselves in our thoughts and beliefs of ourselves to not be worthy enough. I now have a strong sense of inner security that has nothing to do with reward and gratification or objects and I have embraced a greater context even when I was very young. I had a sense that my father's pain had to do with something that he did not understand so I had incredible compassion and love for him. My sons were not subjected to physical violence, but they did grow up and picked up my lack of self worth. Fortunately, my commitment to deep learning meant, I brought my sons up to reflective, to have conversations about beliefs, about behaviours and defensive routines. attended family therapy. they both have the capacity for deep pause and reflection and transformation. So in my lifetime, I have seen 4 generations transcend the limitation from early environments where more healthy nurturing was needed. I have also been able to guide my coaching clients to become aware of their limitations and self-heal. None of this has anything to do with AI. I apply methods to access intelligence from my whole bodied intelligence. I am left with great optimism for the future.

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Another intriguing post @Ian Weinberg I agree, "we individually control very little of our environments and indeed, our lives. Most of our choices are determined by our unique individual history, our nature-nurture heritage." - yes, and yet, I have been dedicated to overcoming the limitations from my childhood. And help others to do so.
"The challenge for each one of us is to be able to transcend this common, collective homogenate of functioning mediocrity as well as our personal heritage constraints (limiting beliefs) and contribute our unique co-creativeness." - I can share that in my family of origin there was a history of domestic violence. Well, I only know about 4 generations. My grandfather fought in WW1 and was in an era when women were subservient and "men" often relieved their pain by being angry with their wives. My father, when he was young and controlled by his father, mirrored this behaviour, but, only when he had drunk too much alcohol. He drank too much alcohol as he was in WW2 and came back with trauma which he did not know how to heal. When his father died, my father stopped drinking and stopped being violent. I had conversations about this with him. In my generation, I was dedicated to healing my trauma from my early childhood. I did to some extent early on in life, but then as you said in a previous post, at about 40 there can be a collapse. So, in mid-life I suffered a set back when I was in a relationship with a controlling partner who demeaned and repressed me psychologically, emotionally and financially. Fortunately, I did much emotional, energetic, psychological healing and became strong enough to move away from the narcissist and misogynist. TBC in next post.

Ian Weinberg Mar 20, 2017 · #21

#20 Interesting perspective @CityVP 🐝 Manjit I would propose an expanding consciousness growing through the expansion of each individual consciousness. And so each unique one of us, connected in space-time as well as in the energy equivalence thereof, have a heritage which determines our comfort zone and from where we will co-create. The obvious consequence is that we can never define with certainty what it's all about because through Heisenberg's Uncertainty and continual collapsing of Shrodiger's Wave, we are continually changing reality! Unless of course this was all factored into the source files ....

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CityVP Manjit Mar 20, 2017 · #20

#19 Ian, the interesting choice of picture accompanies a very elegant title. "A Stillness in the Eye of Eternity" raises what you write to the poetic level and I think it is very important for people who think at abstract levels to have a poetic rather than prosaic expression.

After all the fundamental nature of mathematics is beauty and in mathematics we have the language that gets closer to comprehending to a humble degree, the actual cosmos. The picture of the cosmic eye shown in the buzz actually reminds me of our human limitation, which is an inbuilt one that provides us an anchor against uncertainty and accompanied us when we were born and that is the desire to create meaning and patterns, which in turn relieves us of the anxiety from the unknown.

Yet the cosmos will always in its unlimited vastness absolutely remain a place of the unknown, so I pay attention to how we anthropomorphize the cosmos or the larger than life dimensions of our comparative existence. Your words do describe our fundamental reality that we came from cosmos and not a cosmos made by us.

In this humility exists a massive liberation of our being for we are then not attached to mortality and discover cosmos is not mortal either - that the big bang may well be a never ending dance of dimensions and one day we will transmit as energy into that, which brings us to that which we can be certain, that we are made up of star dust, not just ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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Ian Weinberg Mar 20, 2017 · #19

#18 Thanks for that @CityVP 🐝 Manjit

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