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Excerpt from 'The Quantum Bible'

Excerpt from 'The Quantum Bible'

Excerpt from The Quantum Bible - Ian Weinberg, 2003  http://www.pninet.com/articles/TheQuantumBible.pdf

“.... 7 Thence did the age of the Great Illusion begin, for the manifest form would for the greater part be as an end unto itself and Man in descent would worship this form .... 8 And with the descent into manifest form did preoccupation emerge with material possession and wealth, for accumulation of artifacts became as a purpose for life and existence. 9 Thus did the pyramids of consciousness narrow into small bases and the focus of life likewise ... 10 So was the great pre-occupation with artifact that Descendant Man became as a hoarder and accumulator and fear of loss became as a great driving energy and greed did emerge. 11 But from that narrow place of consciousness did emerge greater mischief – for all of the worth of Descendant Man and all things would be as in physical appearance and judgement of fellow Descendant Man surely followed.

12 In this way did the harmonious co-existence of Ascendant Man with the great environments and the substrates give way to labor (in Descendant Man) - for with the narrowness of consciousness and pre-occupation with form manifest in narrowness, did the wisdom which is the Great Singularity dissipate and did toil emerge. 13 Thence did strife take hold for the mischiefs of greed and judgmentalism of all form that differed from oneself and one’s own would fuel the fires. 14 And so did Descendant Man realize the need to establish codes of behavior to order coexistence – thus was the sanctity of possessions enshrined even unto punishment by death. 15 But the mischief of judgement of they that be different in form, race and behavior would also be enshrined and they be removed even by death on proclamation. 16 And Descendant Man created in his image his god who be the father figure imbibed with authority and anger and judgmentalism and who demanded sacrifice and subordination and in return would intervene in strife and make good thereto ....”

                                                                Copyright reserved - Ian Weinberg 2003

Steve Brady Mar 11, 2017 · #13

Intriguing excerpt, Ian. Thanks for posting. I've downloaded the Quantum Bible, so I appreciate your generosity in that respect. Reading your post reminded me that language is a powerful asset but can unfortunately both illumine and obscure reality. I look forward to reading your fresh language!

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Ian Weinberg Mar 9, 2017 · #12

#10 Thanks for those insights @Harvey Lloyd At this point in time I would suggest that the existence of the singularity/Implicate order (Bohm) has been validated as an extension to the physical, 5 senses-based reality. We are indeed integrated across the physicality-energy divide. In this regard, 2015 and 2016 were water-shed years in the validation of this reality. I refer you to one of my previous posts for your interest. See https://www.bebee.com/producer/@ian-weinberg/re-knewable-energy The importance for me personally is seeing the rapid convergence of the 'new physics' with spirituality.

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Gerald Hecht Mar 9, 2017 · #11

#6 @Ian Weinberg uh oh ;-)

Harvey Lloyd Mar 9, 2017 · #10

The questions you raise and explain are age old questions. Three types of people look at this question, religious, curious and those who face trauma. Some never look at the question, i am envious of those. Once seen the question can not be put back in the box, it is forever in what we see and sense. Mine is curiosity with a bias of Religion.

I wanted to make the point that we all, once we look, have to ask the all important question of our existence being natural or nurtured. We can stop there and pontificate without choosing. Nonetheless our discussions will bring us to a world we can not touch but sense that may be there and/or the scientific world of if it can't be touched it can't be real.

I stand in awe of the words we conjure up to avoid the questions of nurture. String Theory, multi-dimensions and your use of the word of singularity. These phrases all cause us to leave science and consider something beyond explanation. Maybe one day science will be able to prove the concrete origins of man and along with it the end of man. But today in our little time capsule of existence, we must live. Do we live in between the two concepts or do we choose one?

Your PDF would lend itself to explain the rise and fall of man living in between.

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Gert Scholtz Mar 8, 2017 · #9

@Ian Weinberg Impressive Ian - thank you. I have downloaded the file to read. As you mention below, I will keep watching this space!

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Ian Weinberg Mar 8, 2017 · #8

#7 Thanks @Emilia M. Ludovino Humbled by your words.

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Emilia M. Ludovino Mar 8, 2017 · #7

Very interesting reading @Ian Weinberg. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Already downloaded the pdf file. You're amazing :).

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Ian Weinberg Mar 8, 2017 · #6

#5 Ignorance is bliss! But don't jump yet - we're going out with a bang. Things are about to get really interesting ....watch this space!

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