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Go forth and multiply

Go forth and multiply

Musings on today’s mountain bike trail

This is one of those posts that occurred totally spontaneously. It was conceived during a particularly technical mountain bike ride today when I became acutely aware of the amount of rapid decisions that I had to make every few minutes - Do I go right or left of the water, or in fact right through it! True to validated neurophysiology, I was aware that the path that I'd ultimately follow was decided a split second before I consciously made the decision. Once made, I was committed to seeing it through come hell or high water (literally!). Which brings me to the subject of my musings, the 'thing'!

The ‘thing’ doesn’t just appear. It’s not brought by a stork, it has to be conceived and birthed. The ‘thing’ is a system, program (including a music composition), theory/model or a physical entity. Join me on a short journey as I illustrate the variables which go into the conception and birthing of the ‘thing’.

Firstly, I need to summarize two previous articles and fuse them together to create the foundation. The ‘thing’ appears in our pre-frontal cortex (PFC) as a result of a prompt originating in one of the sensory portals or from our cortical memory data, or both. This primordial thing is dripping in our subjectivity. Now in all right handed individuals and 85% of ‘lefties’, the dominant hemisphere is left sided. This hemisphere is the rational, quantifying and linear space which dominates the right hemisphere. It is the place of drive and ambition (as well as fear of failure!). The right hemisphere is the warm-fuzzy space of emotion, big picture sensitivity and ‘out the box’, intuitive perception - underpinning creativity.

So once the ‘thing’ is conceived in the right hemisphere, it calls on the left PFC to question it (working memory) and through rational reasoning and drive, the left sided PFC creates the workable entity, the hardcopy. And indeed, one single individual, if endowed with the required heritage-determined hardware and software, can complete the entire process. Let’s flesh out what is required: The lively, unfettered imagination of the right hemisphere; well developed pathways crossing from left to right and right to left – manifest by a healthy respect for the intuitive, fuzzy hunches of the right, but also a healthy respect for the reasoning, quantifying left PFC; purposeful, focused engagement and drive of the left hemisphere to bring the thing into reality; the courage of commitment.

Intrinsic to our neuropsychological heritage is the need to be part of the group, the collective (the connective, to be precise!). And so invariably we bring our hemispheral dynamics into the group – we network our respective functions so that the group incorporates a connectivity of right and left hemispheres, cross-over connections and reasoning PFC’s. In fact the group connective is more than the sum of its parts as regards right hemisphere intuitive hunches and warm fuzzies as well as the left hemisphere quantification and integration. This dynamic in fact creates the phenomenon which we recognize as collaboration. The entire process is driven by chemistry – dopamine from the engagement and from the gratification of contributing a meaningful byte; oxytocin from being a member of the group and becoming imbibed in the warm fuzzy sensitivities of the right hemisphere. An extra dose of dopamine and oxytocin gratification of course, for those orchestrating the collaboration banter. In fact there are those whose needs are fully met by merely owning the banter! But ... this dynamic does not birth the ‘thing’! One element alone births the ‘thing’ – purposeful, focused engagement and drive which is fueled by taking ownership and bringing the ‘thing’ into its definitive form beyond the bantering space.

The warm fuzziness, sensitivities and group connectivity are great for expanding the substrate after conception. But when it occurs in the warmth of a comfort zone, devoid of angst and necessity, it generally remains just that – warm collaboration with a burgeoning integration, but no definitive birthing. In evolutionary terms it results only in small incremental changes, fettered by the need to stay comfortable without perturbation. Staying with the evolutionary concept, it’s when there’s great drive, necessity or great environmental change, that real innovative birthing happens. And it’s those individuals who have the courage to take ownership of the birthing and maintain focused and single-minded engagement, that become the instruments that bring the ‘thing’ into existence. And for them, an extra dose of dopamine from the sense of achievement!

The driven will invariably tread upon sensitivities, but their overall value contribution and the resulting upliftment of the group and beyond, will more than compensate for the pained and bruised sentiments. And so I say, join the group, collaborate with respect and sensitivity and contribute to the expanding substrate. But then grab your bit of appropriate integration, as an individual or as a group of committed individuals, own it and with single minded commitment, take it the critical extra mile and make it real!

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Ian Weinberg 6/12/2017 · #23

#22 Thanks for that @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher

Lisa Gallagher 6/12/2017 · #22

I think my brain has been in the posterior position for some time, maybe a manipulation would help lol. This was an interesting read about the right and left hemispheres of the brain leading to 'the thing.' @Ian Weinberg

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Cyndi wilkins 4/12/2017 · #21

#20 I wish...the HRT and wine are off the table due to the 'migraine factor'...The meaningful one thing at a time will have to suffice;-)

Ian Weinberg 4/12/2017 · #20

#19 Perhaps just a touch of HRT, a glass of wine and then one meaningful thing at a tiime.

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Cyndi wilkins 4/12/2017 · #19

#5 #7 Yep...I feel like my brain is birthing a new 'Thing'...However, menopausal re-birth takes quite a bit longer than child birth...and is often times more painful. My head is feeling as if it will explode at any minute:-(

Sometimes Mother Nature doesn't play fair with us 'lady folk'...Perhaps all those 'Things' I have compartmentalized over the years are being swept out to sea to make way for a new tidal wave of thought to emerge...I just wish she'd spit me out already before I jump off that bridge;-)

Ian Weinberg 4/12/2017 · #18

#17 Thanks for that Harvey. At the end of the day we're all but students in the University of Life trying to make sense of it all. And all this collaborative banter is the vital language of the learning process. Long live collaboration, ownership-responsibility, good times and the beBee's of the world, which have contributed so much value to this end.

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Harvey Lloyd 4/12/2017 · #17

#16 Thanks for the feedback, i agree. Your word ownership is one that is a heavy word for me. WIthin leadership we truly are speaking to "taking ownership" of outcomes. This is a big step and decision as we look at the reality of our existence. One should consider the choice wisely.

This single point drives my wife nuts. She, being the E tends to make leadership commitments whereby expectations are set, then gets overwhelmed and a little judgmental. Me being the I of the relationship reminds her of the conversation where she made the many commitments. You took ownership. She always states that she didn't commit, i always say, then why are you worried about performing? We laugh our ass off with this continuous dialogue.

Ownership is something i have found many will hand off quite quickly. Learning the signs of the hand off are just as important as accepting it, nonchalantly.

Thanks again, your posts are very well organized and written. I really have to kick some synaptic connections from rest to engage and still feel i fall short.

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Ian Weinberg 4/12/2017 · #16

#14 Thanks for sharing @Harvey Lloyd and thanks for raising some important points. The big question of course is whether an unmanaged (devoid of leadership) group can self-organize and deliver an appropriate item? Indeed people can self-organize in support of collaboration. But unless universal consensus exists regarding objectives, delegation and defined milestones, there ain't gonna be a product. In the real world with individual subjectivities, beliefs, aspirations and fears etc together with external influences, the probability of a group self-managing to the point of birthing, is remote. And so I propose therefore that one either has inclusive and respectful leadership that is focused and co-ordinates and which supports internal and external collaboration, but which retains ownership or alternatively - open-ended collaboration within which appropriate individuals, either as individuals or a group of individuals, take ownership of a segment of the forming concept/integration and develop it to conclusion.

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