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The Rise of Evolutionist Fanatics

The Rise of Evolutionist Fanatics

There is no factual evidence to support the hypothesis that life emerged spontaneously out of the primordial soup (abiogenesis). There is also no evidence to support the contention that the process of natural selection alone is the determinant of the evolution of the species. Yet those subscribing to these views have manipulated theory and hypothesis into fact - that life as we know it arose fortuitously from the primordial soup and evolved on the basis of mutation and natural selection alone to give rise to present life forms and the supportive ecosystem.

When facts are corrupted through unsubstantiated extrapolation, untruths evolve. In this way objective scientific validation is replaced with subjective belief. Individuals that support and drive these non-validated beliefs take on the archetype not dissimilar to that of religious fanatics. The traits include the biased selection of information to support their beliefs; a judgemental attitude towards those not in agreement with their evolutionary beliefs; a cynicism often degenerating into ridicule with bullying tactics directed at anyone expressing intelligent design themes.

There is no place for this destructive emotional archetype in the pursuit of scientific validation. The real fact of the matter at this point in time is that the debate remains wide open in terms of abiogenesis and evolution on the one hand and intelligent design (Creationism) on the other. Best to keep the retarding influence of religious fanatics out of the equation wherever they are and stay with unbiased facts, logic, mutual respect and unfettered debate.

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