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The truth about truth

The truth about truth

The facts about facts or the truth about truth, is all relative.

Near the bottom of the pile of truth is what you personally believe. But right at the bottom of the pile is dogma: the belief in a belief that other believers prescribed to you – like religious fanatics or fanatical evolutionists or experts!

Somewhere in the middle are those that subscribe to logical evaluation and/or rational investigation.

So what’s at the top of the pile ....?

At the top of the pile are those that view themselves, others and the environment from many points of view and in multiple contexts. Here we come the closest to the truth about truth ... provided we accept that it’s changing all the time. But the more it changes, the more it stays the same!

Max🐝 J. Carter 7/12/2016 · #2

I find that there is an absolute truth to each and everything and that each of these truths has infinite expressions.

I feel the mere idea of personal truth is a damaging lie that allows for delusional behavior that allows one to inflict harm on others in defense of their delusion.

I find the truth simply is.

I find the truth is often simple and it is in complexity that we build the web of delusion that traps the mind into believing a lie to suit our choices of representation of self or what is the ego expression of self which is built on the things we attach emotion to in order to define our existence through the use of


I feel this...

I think this...

"My" or "Mine"

As a way to claim possession over pieces of existence that we fell define who we think we are.


Is a proclamation of our existence.

"I am"

Everything after that is a statement describing the state of our existence and is how we define who we think we are to other people.

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Gerald Hecht 21/9/2016 · #1

It seems that changes approach a "thing" with similar attributes sometimes; the thing we often categorize as "same" really seems to be ongoing transformation sometimes

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