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Thoughts under a May Full Moon

Thoughts under a May Full Moon

A celebration of life!

You are all that you are, a child with a history not of your making.

And so you enter the next moment of your life, warts and all –

A moment that has never been lived before. For in that moment lies

pure potential for all possibilities and all things.

And as you enter the moment ….. pause.

And as you pause, see and hear and touch. And feel

the sensations of your body. But in that pause, don’t think.

Rather, acknowledge all that is. The natural forms, the structures

created by the work of yourself and of others. And celebrate all that is –

the form, the function and the blessed presence of it all.

Then see and hear other people, animals and things.

And for a short while, be them.

And if you see and hear happiness, contentment, excitement,

or perhaps sadness, anger, anxiety and pain, just be with it for a short while.

And then and only then … feel. Feel first the blessing of being alive

as you enter this moment. Celebrate all that you have and all that