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Top 3 Best Construction Takeoff and Estimating Software Review for 2016

Construction Takeoff & Estimating Software Review

Top 3 Best Construction Takeoff and Estimating Software Review for 2016

Doing estimates by hand getting to be too much? With the number of takeoff software packages on the market, how are you suppose to choose the one that’s right for your business? In an effort to simplify the selection process of choosing your takeoff software, PlanSwift breaks down the Top 3 takeoff and estimating software packages on the market.

PlanSwift’s goal in creating this review was to provide a non-biased and objective review of the top construction estimating software packages on the market right now. In researching each of these packages we installed and used the software reviewed, and researched multiple websites to find the best and worst reviews for your convenience. In this article, PlanSwift gives you only the facts so you can make an educated decision when picking the best construction estimating software for your business.

1. PlanSwift

PlanSwift is the number one takeoff and estimating software on the market. Over 40,000 professionals around the world use it for it’s quick and accurate estimates. This software is known for being easily customized to each person and their trade specific company. From concrete to plumbing PlanSwift makes it easy to customize your software. Just create your assemblies, drag and drop, and instantly you have an accurate estimate of your costs.

Top 3 Reasons to use PlanSwift…

  • Point and Click – PlanSwift can takeoff and estimate in seconds with it’s simple color coded system. If it’s colored, it’s counted.
  • Drag and Drop – Just drag and drop your material and labor assemblies on your takeoff screen and watch as your costs are automatically counted.
  • Print or Export – Sharing your estimate with people has never been easier with Planswift being fully Excel compatible.

Pros: PlanSwift is easy to learn, includes CAD tools that create designs in the software, master cost database included, Free online webinars, Free 14 day trial, lower end of the price range, easily customized, single click takeoff feature.

Cons: It costs extra to integrate with QuickBooks. Would need an emulator for Mac computers, no cloud platform.