Discover The Best Kerala Honeymoon Places

Affectionately called God's own nation, Kerala is worldwide known for its honeymoon places. Located at the south-western district of India, the state is home to various attractions and wonderments which allure honeymoon couples to visit Kerala from all over the globe. Regardless of whether you wish to unwind with your beloved in the lap of nature or wish to investigate the stunning vistas while cruising over the backwaters or visit the lofty mountains; this intriguing state has a lot to offer. No big surprise Kerala is one of the best places on the planet to visit. Along with couples, this state is quite famous for family and solo trips, adventure seekers and holiday getaways. Because of its eminent vibe and amazing places, it is the only state in India which is known as one of the ten heavens on the earth in Asia by national Geographical Traveller magazine.

Discover The Best Kerala Honeymoon Places

Kerala is bestowed with picturesque landscapes, charming hill stations, alluring backwaters, palm-bordered beaches and differing types of rare faunas. When you visit this state, you will return with various important encounters which you will appreciate for a lifetime. If you are having troubles, there are numerous Honeymoon Packages by Ekerala Tourism which help you in choosing the topmost attractions of this state. Some of the best Kerala Honeymoon Places are given below-

Natural Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

If you are a nature lover and wish to explore the wild side of the state, then you can visit various National Parks. One of the most frequented is Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to numerous exotic birds, for example, spot egrets, herons, Siberian stork, darters, and animals like elephants, tiger, wild boar and so on.

Backwater Cruise

Leave on a thrilling adventure over sun-dappled backwaters on a houseboat with your beloved. Backwaters are the ideal combination of lagoons, lakes, channels, and different waterways which group up together and structure the amazing region that one can encounter. While your eyes investigate the rural life that drifts by, treat your sense of taste there is traditional Kerala food prepared by the chefs. The best backwaters you can unwind are Alleppey, Karakoram and so on.

Explore Hill Stations

Being a tropical state, Kerala is home to the various captivating hill stations. You can fill your lungs with the sweet smell of tea plantation and treat yourself with a cup of fresh tea. Take a walk into the very heart of the paddy fields, on the narrow paths. Get lost in the fantastic green around you, as to keep an eye out for the slushy water sections that run your mud way. Among various hill stations, Munnar and Wayanad are one of the must-visit honeymoon places in Kerala.

Because of world-class hospitality, Kerala Honeymoon packages are continuingly opted by many honeymoon couples.