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Decoding Intuition. The McGregor Effect.

As many others have called it “The law of attraction”. Believe or not it just takes 10.000 hours for anyone to become a master in anything.

Decoding Intuition. The McGregor Effect.

Just bear in mind to keep your health up to be able to enjoy it when it comes. Or might be the case it’s already there.

Some people will call it success, others happiness, persistence, and many more they will call it luck.

Like it or not there are not many other ways to make it happen rather than time, persistence and courage to go beyond what most of the rest will not do.

And then it will come without you realizing it. And it is because when nobody else believed you did. When nobody else what putting in the work, you were. When no one else cared, you did.

And suddenly it happened, you got that thing you were requesting to the universe. And the universe responded to your work, your time, your effort and relentless belief that one day, it would happen.

Or it was even happening all the time because you felt successful, grateful and happy all the way down to the final recognition of your work. Because it was not even a title or recognition what you were searching for, but a bigger purpose than yourself, which makes sense not only at the end of the way but every single second you spent in that thing you wanted to craft.

The McGregor Effect

You might like him or not. Even myself I used to not like him. Probably I still don’t like the marketing he chooses to make.

However, I have to recognize he is a very clear example as many others, where persistence, believing in himself when no one else did and putting in the hours, paid off every single second invested in making a faraway dream come true.

I invite you to check this out Conor McGregor: How I Used The Law of Attraction to Visualize my Success into Reality. Even if you want to go directly to the real part of it all, put it forward to the 8.01, 9.20 and 11.29 minute, respectively.

Liking him or not, he is a real proof of what it really means believing in yourself when no one else does or did.

On his own words “You got to be a little gone to it, you got to be almost