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Learning from close encounters with death. Kepa Acero’s Testimony

It’s a pleasure to start this post, literary citing one of my most admired people using literally his words after the recent accident suffered surfing at his beloved Mundaka.

If he was already one of the most time and life self-aware persons I have ever listened to, now this taking place, it seems like everything he was predicting came true. Thank you Kepa for sharing such powerful insights with us, and so it goes, from Kepa’s Video

Learning from close encounters with death. Kepa Acero’s Testimony

“The vast majority of the things we are afraid of, they have never happened or will never happen. But when you less expect them, they can come. And you have to accept the unexpected.

I have been lucky to surf some of the most remote places on the planet with the commitment this requires, but paradoxically this January 2nd, surfing at home in Mundaka I suffered a serious accident. I hit my head hard on the bottom and almost drowned, luckily some of my friends rescued me.

Once in the hospital, I realized I broke my neck, staying a very delicate situation. After a long surgery, luck or God, whatever you want to call it, has wanted me to walk again. Even now little by little I’m starting to surf again.

I have another chance in life and time is what is concerning me the most: With whom and doing what you consume your time?

After experiences like this, you value how important is health, friendship, and life.

People ask me now if I’m afraid to go back to Mundaka and I say the best moments of my life have happened there, and there is nothing I want more than return to Mundaka and paddle the same wave in which I hurt myself, and be back to the green room again.

Time is the only thing separating us from death. With whom and doing what you consume your time.

What is the next step?

I guess after this beautiful testimony there is not much more to add, rather than reflection, observation, learning, full presence, and awareness.

This is such a golden asset with have that taking it for granted is a luxury we just can’t take.

We can take risks, try, fail, do, over and over again, but we should never