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Simple Dodgy People - vol I

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Simple Dodgy People - vol I

This is probably one of the most exciting posts to I have been able to write (this is the fifteenth), as this one goes in more depth in various ideas shared in the first books of the trilogy “A life in one second”, “The biggest fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, but mostly because I'm sharing this one with Riccardo Leoneschi, to whom I have the luck to learn and share so many precious things. Let’s start with the deconstruction of our own minds...

Most of us spend our whole lives with the firm belief that the world and others owe us something all the time. What an anxiety to live like that. And that something the world is stealing is killing our own happiness. So at this state of mind, what’s left?

Due to this belief, we do not realize but we auto-reprieving our upmost best shade and stop becoming the happiest persons we could