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The one thing that matters (and nothing else)

As Victor Kuppers says – Be sure the thing that matters the most is that single thing that matters the most, nothing else.

It seems obvious and simple.

However, let me ask a simple question to you. If in the middle of your daily busy day, someone would come to you and ask you that? What would you answer?

The one thing that matters (and nothing else)

Probably you would think that person is awkward, weird and crazy. Who in his/her own judgment (full of ego and lack of presence) would take that question seriously at that time of the day?

However, once more it’s in the simplest questions and concepts where lies the highest power and meaning.

Most of us probably would reply by saying the most important thing for us is being happy, healthy and appreciated. Others might say something different to say there too (hurray for the haters).

I will refer once again to the author of the book Essentialism Gregor McKeown – the disciplined pursuit of less, but better or Benjamin P. Hardy in his masterpiece Slipstream – time hacking.

They both get deeper into the concept we need to learn by saying no to all those things, plans, and actions setting us apart from all those simple but meaningful goals we have in life.

By applying a simple and easy exercise of consciously reducing the daily quantity of non-related to “higher goals” tasks, thoughts and actions we would be accomplishing much more and better.

This can be the simple and daily routine of removing all the noise around us, which daunt us from accomplishing what it makes happier, healthie