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Welcome to our fears

Welcome to our fears

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It’s a funny place to be. Imagine if we’ve lost everything we have now: ourselves, our family, our friends, our cash and eventually any kind of self-estimation we used to have. What else would be? A big black hole called darkness. There are plenty of well-known and simple examples, stories, tales and movies such as the never-ending story and many others.

These stories come to teach us all how our ancestors have gone through in the past and succeed in their lives. No-one has become better-off without putting themselves over the edge from time to time. It’s rare to find any cheerful person reaching such human state of mind without suffering and facing fears.

We are all made of uncertainties. Nonetheless, life it’s all about making decisions and taking risks. To simplify this post we will assume that there are two types of people: the ones that assume risks and the rest who avoid risks. As in the movie In God’s Hands, taking into account what our goals are and what risks we are able to deal with, will mark our whole life.

At this stage we all have to ask ourselves what we do really want for us, and once we have come through it all, nothing else will ever matter. Hence we will be able to act without thinking too much about the consequences to focus in which really matters.

Focus is Key 

Just listening to a simple but at the same time brilliant song of Coldplay with the title“Fix you” or watching the crazy-awesome intelligent last Woody Allen’s Movie –Irrational Man we would realize how close failure to success is. These are simply examples to understand that it’s not a problem of what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it!

Let's get rid of our fears, for the sake of a safe f