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Xmas is not a date. It’s an attitude (365 days a year)

“Wired but not connected”. How can it be possible that we all (me included) need to wait 365 days to re-engage with the Xmas spirit and what it means?

Xmas is not a date. It’s an attitude (365 days a year)

Usually means solidarity and caring for the others in a special way. Usually, during these 15 days of the year, we are more aware of the things happening beyond our bellies and cell phone screens.

Why are we just more aware during Xmas? Why do we forget about family, friends, and strangers (people like us) most of the rest of days during the whole year?

Probably no one has the answer to these many questions as there would be billions. However these billion answers might have a common denominator, “we just care for ourselves, and we live in a world where no one care for each other”. Or at least this is the simplest way to approach the topic.

On the other hand, when something happens to us, directly affect us or put us in a difficult situation, we are the first ones to point our fingers and blame the right place, commonly beyond our responsibility. Other people are the ones to blame, the world is crazy.

An example is worth a thousand words.

Again. “Wired, but not connected”. This Monday a friend of mine took the bus, on his way back home after work. What happened next after he stepped in, is self-explanatory.

When the bus driver re-initiate the way back, he quickly ran to find an empty spot to sit.

The bus was half empty in people, however, every person was sitting alone occupying 2 spaces with their bags, coats, and other stuff, and of course well dressed with the well-known headphones plugged in their ears, crazily surfing into most of the very well-known social media.

They were so immersed in their 500 friends feeds, pictures and comments, comparing their current situation to their “friends” than no-one realized there were other people like them trying not to break their nose and find a place to sit in a half-empty bus.

My friend got to almost the end of the seat rows of the bus to find just 1 spot totally free of stuff next to an anonymous stranger. It took some time for my friend to get back to himself thinking about how could be possible not even in Xmas people are aware of the important fact that we really need each other in this short and “busy” life.

Once he was able to accept the sad