Fostering collaborative leader-less teams – Small units’ tactic #3

Fostering collaborative leader-less teams  – Small units’ tactic #3

Dinosaurs became extinct because they were not quite agile to adapt to ever changing conditions of our planet. They were ferocious giants dominating entire planet, but, small mammals sneaked out from nowhere and stolen their glory and power..

All history of live on Earth is endless struggle for adaptiveness and effectiveness. But when one paces silent museum’s halls it could be noticed, that absolute specialization in some particular area made creatures to be more vulnerable to environmental changes… Giants were quite awkward and become easy prey to predators. Whereas as the most flexible and dynamic creatures were always small in size and could not posses enough brain..

So, let’s try to apply some conclusions from history of evolution, because more than 2 billion of endless and vast experiences are really worthy to learn from! What is the main lesson it had brought for us? I think - success story about some small, weak, vulnerable creature that overcome all challenges (as I have a trust in human smartness – it will overcome future ones as well). What are key qualities that contributed to such success – cooperation, adaptiveness, agility, and generalism. (Of course these are qualities of sapient human..)

So, we have combined our groups (proto-teams) and set our goal (to make team from a group). It is now time to assess what we deal with and set rules by which all would be acting.

Practitioner at this point could wonder – what is the reason to pay so big attention to team building topic? There are several reasons: naturally cooperating team experiences less conflicts, requires minimal to no need in management, its effectiveness up to 5-7 times higher than of just a group, and what is more important – such teams prone to information synthesis, i.e. generation of new ideas and methodics.. Besides of just producing more ideas psychometria notes that in such cases synthesized ideas are more mature and implementation ready (due to internal innate cooperation of diverse skills and minds sets)

But nothing comes on its own... Prehistoric Ocean has been void for about billion years till life started to grow, we may not wait for that long and have only hope on divine intervention. So, our journey would be from governance – through influencing – to self-management.


For each member of team(s) shall be created PPA card (Personal Profile Attributes) with the following information: Full Name, DOB, Family status, Spouse, Children, Address, Contacts (phone#, email), Major