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Top 5 Reasons You Should Add An Angel Investor as one of your Dream Team Member

Top 5 Reasons You Should Add An Angel Investor as one of your Dream Team MemberAs an Angel Investor, I get proposals, and business plans thrown at me from 198 to 200 nations, many of which are from members of 198TILG CEO Networks, USA. Okay, I must confess, one of the reasons, I started the Networks is to create a platform where members will get to know who we are, know other angel investors, and allow the angels to get to know them before even submitting proposal to them. 

I wrote a guide also, to cut down on spending time producing useless proposals and/or business plan. Here are the top 5 reasons you should seek out an angel investor to become member of your mastermind dream team.

#1 Reaching out and securing an experienced Angel Investor as member of your mastermind dream team, will help you short list key things you need to get started in the right directions. The Angel brings to the table priceless skills money cannot buy. In most cases, they offer these services FREE

#2: The Angel's goal is to help you find the money before you actually need the cash.

#3: Having an Angel as your member, will help you secure a team whose goal is to engage in daily, weekly, monthly fundraising and building the business corporate credit and other business relationships

#4: Help build the right Lead Management Team, other will call this Business Development Team, No, I call it Lead management team. Without leads, your business is dead.

#5: Build a team whose purpose is to generate cash flow. An Angel Investor cares about Cash Flow, and their presence will force the team to focus on engaging in ventures and/or relationships that helps generate immediate cash.Because without cash flow, the Angel Investor's presence is useless. http://www.linkedin.com/in/ikelemuwa