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Question about Value

When I ask a Question about the Value of the cash and the Affiliate package, usually everyone answer exactly same... : 

Equal Values


Fact - You can spend that cash to buy an Affiliate package ... so their answer looks right. 

In Real life they Wrong 

Their answer is wrong in the real life. The following facts are make it clear :

- Value of the cash : the purchasing power is decreasing by Inflation. Soon as the economy getting weaker the Package price going up.

- Price of the Affiliate Package : 

Every single Karatbars Affiliate Package contains Gold. Gold is always hold its own Value. Also the Affiliate Package price is going to Increase as the economy changing. 

- Value of the Affiliate Package  

The Value of the Affiliate Package is another thing...

In the case of the cash - You can keep it and losing on it or buy goods and its gone literally. 

Instead the Affiliate package is a TOOL in Your hands. 

The real Value is always different - depend on YOUR PERSONALITY.

For me it's an ASSET. 

My first Affiliate Package been cost me around £140. 

Since I grow my gold Savings Network I earned by my Package much more that that £ 140 what I've been Invested..

Currently I own Gold Affiliate Package - came from Income what I made with Karatbars..

I can tell You - the Value of my Affiliate Package over £ 1000 - if I look at my current Affiliate Status plus I don't talk about my savings in Gold..

Don't be fooled about Price / Value...