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How to Beat Driver Retention Issues with Smart Truck Pulse Solutions?

There is simply no way one can sugarcoat it - the trucking industry is currently facing an acute shortage of drivers. Driving recruitment has slowed down and new incentives for people to take up the profession are few and far between. According to the American Trucking Association , “The US will be short 1,75,000 truck drivers by 2026”. With such an increasing turnover rate in the trucking industry, it is essential that managers understand the value of driver retention for long periods of time. This can, to an extent, offset the complications that a company will face if the dearth of drivers entering the trucking industry continues in the future.

A well-experienced driver is hard to find in the industry and losing such an asset is a void that is difficult to fill. The recruitment process is expensive and wastes a lot of productive time in any transportation company. For a better driver retention strategy, companies ought to design their policies for drivers by analyzing their requirements and aligning these requirements with the vision of the company.

To ensure that driver retention is not a major challenge in the transportation industry, a fleet manager needs to create a strategy that provides drivers what they are looking for. This strategy should also suit the company’s vision well. It goes without saying that a driver who feels unconditional happiness within an organization will never leave his workplace.

How to Beat Driver Retention Issues with Smart Truck Pulse Solutions?

What does retention mean?

The transportation industry has deeper problems than meets the eye. Drivers are subjected to a lot of physical and mental stress---long, odd working hours are usually hectic and strip away their personal life---and they may have no provision for a bonus. In this industry, even the most experienced driver does not feel valued. The interplay of these factors can affect the driver’s overall wellbeing.

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